POLIFILTER® is a new porous polymer of high chemical resistance that offers filtration possibilities from the 10μm up to the 50μm.
We can provide plates or tubes, as well as pieces per print with special shapes.


POLIFILTER® offers the following properties:

  • Great Non-stick properties: it cleans with great ease (only one vacuuming of its surface is enough to be operational again).
  • Great chemical resistance.
  • Thermally resists from -200°C to +80°C.
  • Repels humidity: water does not wet it.
  • It is compatible with food products.


POLIFILTER® is the best option for the following applications:

  • Water filtration, flocculation, pool aeration.
  • Filtration, clarification of fruit juice as well as wines, ciders, oils, etc.
  • Filters for the chemical industry.
  • Handling of powder materials, venting, vacuuming, etc.
  • Fluidisation of powder products.
  • Special shape mufflers to reduce the noise level in free exhaust.
  • Fragrance emanating.
  • Aeration caps.
  • Aero-filtration of coolant fog in a machine tool.
  • Environment filtration (with easy recovering of the retained particles in the vacuuming membrane).


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