Polifluor S.L., engineering plastics



Polifluor S.L. is a company established in 1971, dedicated to the commercialisation and manufacture of plastics for the industry.

Specialised in PTFE (TEFLON) and its derivatives (FEP, PFA, etc.) as wells as other polymers (Nylon, Acetal resin, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVDF, PVC, etc.) we provide integral consultancy to our clients, advising the use of one another material depending on the work conditions to achieve an improvement in the productivity, a more efficient solution and/or economically more interesting.

The manufacture of our finished goods is exclusively on order: we don't have a catalogue of finished goods, but depending upon the client's requirements we establish the characteristics of the finish product to manufacture. This allows us to cover a wider range of needs for which we have a team that is human as well as technical, agile and capable.

POLIFLUOR S.L. company awarded in 1991 by Du Pont de Nemours with the prestigious award "PLUNKETT AWARD EUROPA" to the technical innovations for its developments in this field.