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Heat exchangers


The thermal exchangers THERMOFLUOR® are manufactured with fluoridated plastic materials of chemical resistance practically universal with which are manufactured besides its own structure, the spiral tubes with wall thicknesses calculated for the optimal thermal exchange.


1. Operation

By immersion in the bathing with external connection of the cooling fluid or heating.


2. Applications

Heating or cooling of bathing for the treatment of metals, scaling, chromium plating, chemical electro-plating, phosphates, chemical processes, cooling of gasses, etc.


3. Features 

  • Thermal resistance from 190°C to +260°C.
  • Practically inert to rust.
  • Do not age.
  • Work with steam to 5 kg. maximum and 150°C, water or oil, also with cold water or other coolants.
  • Non-stick properties to incrustations, easy cleaning.
  • The turbulence and speed that the fluids inside a tube gain optimises the thermal exchange and avoids the sediment formation, clogging, etc.


4. Warranty

Our exchangers are guarantied during a one year period in service against any manufacturing defect.


5. Dimensions

Standard models from 980x930x40 to 214 mm., also oval, cylindrical, etc., according to its location.


6. Advantage of the heat exchangers THERMOFLUOR®

  • Almost universal chemical resistance, they don't age.
  • High pressure and temperature resistance.
  • Excellent non-stick properties.
  • There are no risks of mechanical damage due to its wall thickness.
  • No incrustations.
  • The tubes are not clogged thanks to the conception of the construction.
  • No pollution of the mean, since the construction does not contain metals.
  • The tubes spirals are independent from one another, with inlet and outlet; if needed, the tubes can be changed in situ without any problem (there is no central device to which the tubes are welded).
  • Fixing it is simple, quick and without problems thanks to the fluoridated plastic material fittings.
  • One heat exchanger allows to execute 2 operations: heating and cooling.
  • Usage of all the exchange surface, since a separating surface is maintained between the tubes.


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POLIFLUOR S.L. company awarded in 1991 by Du Pont de Nemours with the prestigious award "PLUNKETT AWARD EUROPA" to the technical innovations for its developments in this field.